Student Blogging Challenge


(I created the image above using Google Drawings.)

For this weeks blogging challenge I decided to comment on four different peoples posts. My first comment was on Chelsea’s blog:

Hello Chelsea,

It looks like although you had some challenges, your avatar turned out amazing! The avatar has great detail and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. Great Job!

Do you like wearing your hair up or down like in your avatar?


My second comment was on James’s site:


That sounds like a scary situation! Great job writing out the whole story in just 100 words!

I also love to camp. My family and I go every summer, it is so fun! I have to say, I have never been that close to a bear though. (Not counting the zoo)

My little brother and I fight a lot too so I can definitely understand that. Are you the oldest kid in your family?


My third comment was on Olive’s blog:

Hi Olive!

I liked how you fitted all of the things you like in one short and sweet post. I think that it is awesome that you live by the beach! I would love that.

I also love Harry Potter. Do you think that the books or the movies are better?

I did notice that you had a lot of pets. Do you take them camping with you?

Skiing is amazing, but I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of hot chocolate. Have you ever done a black diamond?

~Your friend, Maggie
My blog:

My final comment was on Kathrine’s blog:

Hello Kathrine!!

Like you, I have braces. I agree, they are a lot of work, but you will eventually get used to them. I have had braces for about a year now, but I still have two or more years to go. Do you know how long you are going to have your braces?

Also, I love the colors lavender and aqua, but until I read this I had no idea baby pink was a color! I just looked it up, it is beautiful.

I saw that you think that cheer is a sport. I think that it would be difficult to be a cheerleader too. Do you do competition cheer?

☆ Maggie ☆
Check out my blog!! 🙂

The ☆ shows up as stars on the actual comment if you were wondering. There are many ways to make quality comments, just have fun, stay safe and happy blogging!




6 thoughts on “Commenting”

  1. Hi Maggie,

    I really value how much time and detail you have put in to your comments! I also really like the way you have created a commenting photo.

    What else can you do on google drawings? If you are interested check out my blog posts! Heres the link

    Happy blogging!

    1. Hey Holly!

      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!

      For my picture using Google Drawings I just used the shapes, and a call out, to create the image. Using Google Drawings you can create images like mine, or more complex ones if you are used to the site. You can make charts, diagrams, and more things that would be valuable to use on your own blog! Google Drawings is also free!

      What websites do you use to create images on your blog?


  2. hi Maggie cool post on commenting ,thanks for commenting on my blog post. yes I do love swimming but we don’t swim in the sea , I love to go to the lakes witch is really popular in nz diving of the pontoon and hanging onto the bisket when dad goes donuts it’s super fun any way hope you have a great! lockdown and I wish to keep in touch
    bye Tessa

    1. Hello Tessa!!
      Thank you so much for replying!!

      I would love to go on a pontoon! My family has thought about getting one, but with camping, open gyms, and vacations it is hard to find time. My grandparents have a pool too so we do a lot of swimming in lakes.

      Thanks Again!

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