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Fun With Photos!!

For my post for the Week 3 in the Student Blogging Challenge, I decided to give examples of different ways that you can use pictures, without copy writing, or just downloading the picture from Google, on your post.

The first way that you can not copy write is using Google Drawings. Using the shapes on Google Drawings, I was able to make this camera and the image for my last post, Commenting. Google Drawings is a free site that is built into your Google Drive that makes it easy to create your own images.

Another way to make original pictures is using Canva. Using Canva, I made this picture/video of a header that I would use if my post topic was Fun At The Beach. I used all free images and GIFs on Canva and it was really easy and fun to do.

Next, you can use a website that has all free, not copy write images that anyone can use. This picture is from Photos For Class. Me and my family raised lambs for 4-H so this adorable picture struck my attention!

Like Photos For Class, Pics 4 Learning gives you free images to download and use how you want. I picked this picture because it was a pretty Savannah Grassland landscape and I have always wanted to go there.

I also recommend the website Unsplash. Using this website I found this pretty picture of the Northern Lights. I chose this picture to use because seeing the Northern Lights in person has been on my bucket list for years.

The Last way to be absolutely certain that your picture is not copy write it to take your own picture. If you wanted to write a post about how spring is your favorite season, go outside and take a picture of a flower or tree blossoms, like the picture I took above.

There are many ways you can use images without copy writing. Weather you create, take pictures or simply going to a free, non-copy write website, never just use a picture from Google. Stay tuned for future posts! Happy blogging!!

8 thoughts on “Fun With Photos!!”

  1. Excellent advice!! I hope lots of people read this post and see how easy it is to avoid stealing images off the internet.

    I’ve always liked Pics4Learning and recommend it often. Another place to look for images is Compfight. There used to be a widget or extension you could add to Edublogs that would let you insert images from Compfight directly into your blog editor. It would automatically add credit to the author. I haven’t used Edublogs in a long time, though. I wonder if that’s still available.

    In any case, it sounds like you’ve understood copyright and are well armed to having a great blogging adventure. Congratulations!

    Mrs. Fitzgerald
    Librarian, Cairo American College
    Official #STUBC commenter

  2. Hi Maggie!
    My name is Evelyn and I am from Canada!

    I love this post. It’s really cool that you tried out so many photo recourses and showed examples!

    Your Google Drawing is great. I’ve never used Google Drawings, but I’ll have to try it sometime. I also really like your Canva GIF. I would love to see a “Fun at the Beach” post!

    The photo you took of cherry blossoms is beautiful. Where I live, cherry blossoms are blooming left and right, and they’re gorgeous. Is spring your favourite season? I don’t really have one; they all have good things and bad things, and I look forward to each one!

    If you want, you can check out my blog and maybe leave a comment:

    Stay safe and healthy!


    1. Hey Evelyn!
      Thank you for commenting on my post for this weeks blogging challenge.

      Like you, I do not really have a favorite season. Spring gives us some unexpected weather, but some days the sun is shinning and I love to see the new flowers and blossoms. I am really excited for summer though, to hang out in the sun all day.

      Thanks Again!!

  3. Hey Maggie, I’m new to this site and was checking stuff out for week 3 And i saw the first post which was your’s I’m 11 years old from The US if you or your followers would like to check my blog site out i would really like that great post btw. BYE-Lis

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